Sunday, December 7, 2008

Grandsons are so fun!

Our grandsons stayed the night with us on Friday night. We had a wonderful time with the boys. We played games, read a story and watched a Christmas movie complete with the popcorn. The next day they helped Papa Geno outside with some Christmas decorations. He made their favorite breakfast~pancakes of course! I would have made it but had an early morning appointment. The boys were just as satisfied no matter which of us made them~although, they did ask for theirs with chocolate chips and Papa Geno said no, that if they wanted them that way they'd have to have Grandma make them for them next time they're over. Ahh! Poor deprived boys! No chocolate chip pancakes! Mean ol' Papa Geno! Not! They have fun with him, too. Grandma doesn't do the 4-wheeler stuff with them and doesn't make near as good of car sounds as Papa Geno. "What kind of car makes that sound, Grandma? We've never heard that before." Ha! Ha! Funny boys!

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