Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Big Sky Country

I had so much fun yesterday visiting so many different blogs that I didn't take the time to write in mine. Actually I spent a lot of today doing the same thing which is why I'm writing so late at night. There are so many fun, interesting, gifted people out there. It would be fun to have a blog like theirs. Maybe mine will eventually evolve into something like that but for right now mine will mostly be about the goings on in my life and in my small "neck of the woods".
Speaking of that... wonderful nice friend did come over yesterday and brought food for my husband and I for two nights not just one along with desserts for both nights. Two other really good friends have called in the last couple days to check on how I'm doing and are coming on Friday to have lunch with me. I can't wait!
Kayla came over and visited with us for awhile tonight. I always enjoy spending time with her. We want to get together and make some more cards. That's a lot of fun! We went on a trip together at the beginning of the summer and took all of our cardmaking supplies (okay, that part was a lot of work, hauling all of that into the motel room!) and made some cute ones in our motel room. (That part was fun!) My sister and my niece came to our room and we watched "27 Dresses" together with them. My niece had a dance performance that we also got to go and see while we were there. It was just an all-around good time!
I just got done visiting with my niece, Amanda... actually, text messaging back and forth, but that's still visiting. She's the one who's dance performance we went to see. She just left for college and is going to school in one of my favorite places to visit so I'm hoping to get to see her at least a few times a year. She is such a funny, talented young lady. I know she'll do well at school, too. Here is a picture of another one of my favorite places here in Montana. This isn't the place where my niece is going to school but still a favorite place. This is Flathead Lake. Can you see why they call Montana "Big Sky Country"?

Well, before I go, I'll post a couple more pictures on here from my yard. I think pictures are always fun. I was going to put some on here of the cards I made from Kayla's and my trip and realized I didn't take any of them. Oh well, maybe next time...
This first picture is a view of my bench through my bush by the pond...

This second one is one of my Gerbera Daisies. I think they are such a pretty flower.

Well, until next time...
...have a blessed day!

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Kelli said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Your blog looks wonderful and I loved seeing the pretty pictures of what is blooming in your yard. Gerber daisies are beautiful!