Monday, August 18, 2008

I do have a life...

I have been so anxious to get back on here and post another blog but thought having more than one in a day might show that I sit with my laptop way too many hours in the day wasting time where if I waited one day before posting again it would seem that I have some sort of a life. I have played with some of the pictures I've taken on this site called Picnik that Kayla told me about. Here are a couple examples from some pictures of flowers from my yard. I have been learning while I'm recuperating so that's a good thing. has been educational sitting around doing nothing while I recuperate.

Anyways, I just got a call from my wonderful husband just checking to see how I'm feeling today. See how blessed I am! I really do have a terrific husband. The joke is that it's only taken 31 years to get him trained the way I want him so I think I'll keep him. Actually, he's been a good husband all along. Very kind and loving and oh, so funny! He knows how to make me laugh! He's been a great dad to our daughters and a fun grandpa as well. I wouldn't trade him for anything! Besides all that, he's good looking too. Woo woo!

I also got a call from Del Ann at work and she said things are running smooth there but that I'm missed and also that another friend would like to bring a meal tomorrow evening. More be missed and another wonderful friend with a meal. I know I should probably say, "No, that's okay, we're doing fine and don't need another meal", but not me, no, instead I said, "Oh, that's so nice of her!". Which it is very nice of her but to turn down a free meal when, like I said yesterday, how spoiled my husband's getting with all the good food, and this way I get to visit with another sweet friend of mine. Her and her husband are a couple of the nicest people you could meet.
Another sweet, pregnant daughter, Kayla had also called to check in with me and visit this morning. Did I say that she's pregnant? Yep, her & her husband will be first time parents some time in February. I can't wait! I love this being a Gramma! I have two grandsons already that are the joy of my life by my oldest daughter, Heidi. They are 7 and almost 4 and light up your world when they're around. They sure know how to make a Gramma feel loved!
Well, I don't think blogs are supposed to be books so I guess I'd better sign off for a while so anyone who actually reads this would think I do have a life...


Anne Fannie said...

Hello, welcome to blogland and congratulations on your new blog!
I found your blog through another. Hope to see you around!
Love, Ann

Shirley said...

How exciting for someone to visit my blog! Thank you for leaving a comment.