Friday, October 10, 2008

At the Office

Now don't let the title of this post fool's not about the show, "The Office". Although, that does happen to my youngest daughter's favorite TV show.
No, today's post is about the fall decorations that I have in my office at work. Here are the pictures I said yesterday that I'd try to have ready. The pretty flowers in the clear glass pumpkin are from a sweet friend of mine, Kandy. She brought them in to me one day at work and she also brought some similar to that to another friend, Trish, that I work with. They are both a couple of the sweetest people you could know...always thinking of and doing for others. What godly examples they are! The shelf in the first picture is on the wall behind my desk and the other fall arrangement is one I have sitting on the window ledge that overlooks the park across the street. I have the glass pumpkin sitting on my desk, although the flowers have died so the jar is now filled with candy corns and candy pumpkins. Yes, I did wash the dish out first. Well, thanks for visiting me at the office today. This is where I spend most of my week so I try to make it as homey as possible not only for me but for those that drop by during the day to visit or that come in for appointments.

Have a blessed day!

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