Friday, October 24, 2008

Give Away at Thirty Handmade Days

I was just over checking out Mique's blog at Thirty Handmade Days and she has the cutest giveaway going on. Okay, she's had quite a few cute giveaways but you've got to check out the cute baby shoes she's giving away on Monday! They're made by Sarah at Diddle Dumpling and are just adorable! Of course with my new granddaughter on the way I hope I win but you can go ahead and enter for yourself anyway and I'll just be jealous if you get picked but I'll be happy for you just the same. Not! Now that's wasn't very Christlike of me was it...okay, I'll be happy for you if you win them instead of me....but I'll be happy for me if I win them because I know they will look so cute on my precious granddaughter...and I know you'll be equally happy for me if I win and you don't. Right???

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